Hi Folks

This is an update about our online takeaway and delivery services.

Download our new app here 

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We currently have our Takeaway service in place.

 20 % discount is given on hot food items if you order via the app or website and collect the order from our premises,

and 10 % discount is given on frozen  food items if you order via the app or website and collect the order from our premises.

We are now pleased to advise that we have 2 new delivery services also available.


Bulk and frozen orders...


As bans get longer and a curfew looks possible, we are opening a 3-5 day delivery alternative, where instead of ordering each meal each day you can order for 3-5 days at a time.

This will allow you to order fresh bakery products made to your order, along with fresh, durable, and / or frozen dishes which can be oven warmed or micro waved, such as soups, Irish stew, cottage and other pies.

 Drinks including cider cans, bottled beer, bottled wine, smoothies and soft drinks could also be delivered, with food orders.

If this service interests you please advise us or click like. Delivery would be free of charge on orders over 300b and made on the day after ordering, at a time of your choice



For Same day / Immediate deliveries.


10 % Discount on fresh cook food on our online ordering page (unless marked 24 hours advanced ordering required) is available for delivery usually within 45 mins depending on your location.

Min order of 300 baht for Delivery (Free)




Please Visit the link below to order takeaway or delivery


Instructions (if required)


  1. To order select item.


  1. Check the amount you are ordering then press add to cart.


  1. When you have finished adding items press the checkout button highlighted with a red number in the top right hand corner of the screen.


  1. Select ordering method.



 For collection please enter your Name, Email Address and phone number.  (We give a 20% discount on all meal orders if you collect yourself or organize your own collection).


For delivery please enter your Name, Email Address and phone number. Please then add your address and check that the map location is correct. If it is select “skip” in the top right corner of the map. If the address is not correct, then please move the pin to the correct location and save.


Once your details are saved, they will be stored on line and you will not need to enter them again in a future order.



  1.  Select your time.


You can select now and we will process the order a.s.a.p., or you can select a later time that you would like your order to be ready for collection or delivery.


  1. Payment Method


For take away orders we accept both cash and card on collection (20% Discount).

For delivery we currently request cash only.


  1. The Final Step


Press the order tab at the bottom of the screen to send the order to us. We will then process your order and confirm when it will be ready.We will then notify you by both email and on screen that the order has been accepted and when it will be ready for collection or delivery.



 We are also in the process of registering an app to make all ordering more convenient and we are still awaiting Grab service to process our request to use their system.

We will let you know when either of these are available.


If you have any problems with the above or have further suggestions for us, please call us on 053 214 554. We thank you for your patience and support in these confusing times.