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 Welcome to Happy Shopping online store 

We aim to bring you the best products at great prices.

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We are offering 10 commission-only sales positions with payment made every 2 weeks.

No fees To join our team

No complicated application

Simply message us and we will ask you a few questions

This is Thailand based sales and commission payments will be made every 2 weeks to Thai bank account only


Each week we will create 5 unique product links just for you in your chosen category

Every Sunday we will post weekly performance charts on our dedicated seller's page

This will Show Clicks received per item, sales achieved and commission earnt

Our standard commission rate is 2% of the product price Paid every 2 weeks.

The product price range you advertise is up to you.

No sales mean no payments earnt

You can select price range in you chosen category as below

0-100 baht

101-499 baht

500-999 baht

over 1000 baht

This is a performance-related position

If you fail to get any sales for 4 consecutive weeks then your sales position will be terminated and offered to another applicant

If you wish to join our sales team and are experienced in marketing then send us a message and we will get you set up to start working.